Green Street Flats is a real estate development company focused on the idea that city living can be so much more than concrete boxes in the sky. A home, just like life itself, should be full of character, grounded, and in harmony with the environment around it. We are on a mission to unlock the missing middle and redefine what living in the big city can mean.


We look at real estate development differently. We strive to unlock value within neighbourhoods by creating beautiful apartments as an alternative to condo living. We develop, build, and manage purpose built rental apartments, with a focus on thoughtful design, community, and sustainability.

We are pioneering the missing middle typology in Toronto and beyond by creating a new generation of rental housing that seamlessly blends into existing neighbourhoods. We engage with existing communities to learn their intricacies and incorporate feedback to refine our vision. Our projects aim to reinvigorate neighbourhoods, while reinforcing and improving upon their unique context.


We don’t believe in compromising on vision or quality. Our projects are meticulously planned and built for an unrivaled living experience. Our homes are for those that refuse to believe that life can be confined to a concrete box in the sky.


"Green" is in our name for a reason, we take energy efficiency seriously. From the design to the construction, every decision is made with the environment in mind.

Materials and equipment are carefully chosen to ensure energy efficiency is maximized. All our homes come with ample bicycle storage to support a low carbon lifestyle.


Fostering community is at the heart of everything that we do. We pride ourselves on creating spaces that invite openness and collaboration between residents. Our developments seamlessly integrate with the larger neighbourhood context. We work with community stakeholders to ensure that our buildings take into account their local expertise.


A Green Street community is the antidote to the feelings of isolation and disconnection that can come with urban living.